That's right, for the same reason I moved The Clippys to Weebly, I moved the Webdings website host to Weebly! If possible, I'll try and shut down the old Webdings website once I'm finished and up to date with this one. I'll try to put up all Webdings cartoons into video, as Flash (the player at least) is becoming more and more outdated by the day. Please pay attention to the updates, they are extremely important to the website (technically second, Jesus is most important to everything actually). So yeah, see you later!
After a very long time, the second episode is finally up! It's about Swivel (a SWF to Video converter):

For exclusives and no lags with the Webdings videos if they lag on swf, they now have a YouTube!

Already there is a trailer for an episode coming next year that will be on Newgrounds as soon as I get video access (hopefully I do before next year! that is the deadline!)

No lagging is all thanks to Swivel Beta by Mike! Just request him for a beta and he'll give you!

UPDATE: Swivel is now out and a two or three part episode is in the works. The first part is out. The beta is now gone. Also, Soda Rampage is on hiatus. I hope I can get it in time for a Season 2 ending.

The first real episode of Webdings is coming up next month! In the mean time, here is a sneak peak of it:

UPDATE: The episode is on a small hiatus right now. Or just on a hiatus.

A parody is coming to the Webdings Town hopefully soon!

UPDATE: This parody is on hiatus right now, so don't bother.

Check it out! Hope you enjoy it! Inspired by Fuel Up To Play 60.
Check it out! Hope you enjoy it! Cliffs made by Tsukubane!

UPDATE: It seems that the project has been abandoned. Looks like I made this for almost nothing.

Time for me to make more mugs! The one I made last eyar was broke,  but it was a character from a series that has proably ceased created by me, so who cares? The Red Phone and the Bell from the Easter Short will be painted on the 2 mugs, and hope they can last for at least a year! Pictures will be shown as soon as they arrive to my house!
Featuring Question Mark. Please check it out.